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The Student Union Web Gallery is honored to introduce, PLAYGROUND, an online photography exhibition by Cyrus Grace White.  In harmony with their concept of chosen hideouts, we offer our obscure nook of the Internet world for them to occupy with their stunning, intimate imagery.  

35mm. lomochrome purple film, fiberglass insulation, 6x6x9” acrylic box, projection

variable dimensions


Choosing to enter a secret hideout is not the same thing as being forced to hide. As queer and trans people, we are oriented towards hidden and untended spaces in part to find each other. In corners and secret hideouts our imperceptibility becomes a condition of possibility. Queer and trans theories of architecture and space suggest that we make meaning through transgressing the codes that govern places we inhabit and that which we inhabit them with. As my own relationships to queer space and domesticity shift in real time – as the gay bars close and we stay home and stay home – I am invested in the subversive possibilities of queer domesticity because I have to be. In documenting queer and trans community, as well as sites of containment, restriction, intimacy, isolation and coalescence, I am working to imagine relationships between transness and domesticity that exist outside narratives of the body as home, the home as sanctuary, the domestic as terminal. Through disrupting and repurposing public and private spaces, I am creating queer playgrounds in the interplay between objects, bodies, colors and light. ~Cyrus Grace White

she keeps me warm
elle with grass in their shoes
sherry's house
hot bitch girl donning her pearls
green room
girls night in
above the fish store
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